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"I chose to specialize in the plus size fashion industry because, although plus size people make up the majority of the population, we (and our purses) have been greatly ignored until recently. Now that that's finally shifting and the power of the plus size movement is being realized, I am determined to give plus size and size inclusive designers, models, photographers, etc, the voice that they deserve!"


Meet Emma

Founder and President Emma Medeiros

Originally from Providence, RI, president Emma Medeiros received her degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College, located in Boston, MA, in May of 2012.


Married that same summer to her best friend, Adam, she started a blog called Curves, Cats, and Creams, which focused on bridging the gap between straight size and plus size fashion. Emma explains "I'm so glad I had that journalistic experience because now I know how to pitch members of the press relevant, timely and, most importantly, truly newsworthy stories. I know how they want to be treated and I do my best to live up to that!"

In June of 2015, Emma started Medeiros Fashion Public Relations when after realizing that, out of the thousands of fashion public relations firms in the US, not ONE of them specialized in this exploding industry. Can't have that!!! "To me, fashion is simply FASHION", she states vehemently. "Why should plus size fashion be just an afterthought when the majority of women in this country fall into that category? We want to be sexy, feminine, and fashionable, and designers, retailers, etc, are finally waking up to that fact!"

Happily married with 5 fur babies, kitties Guinevere, Felix, Oscar, Lucy, and Ricky, Emma recently moved to NYC in order to fully embrace all the opportunities the fashion industry has to offer. With a mixture of class and sass, the goal of Medeiros Fashion Public Relations is to place plus size fashion on an equal footing with straight size fashion. Emma declares, "There's absolutely NO reason for them to be separate, and, once I accomplish that, I can die a happy woman!"

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