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List of Services

Ongoing Press Outreach

*Share newsworthy stories with top online, print, radio, and television media.

*Local, national, and international coverage


*Features, interviews, and reviews


Fashion Event Assistance

*Coordinate press before, during, and after fashion shows, trunk shows, pop-up shops, etc. 


*Assist in finding ​models, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, DJs, and photographers.

Social Media Management

*Determine which platforms are most relevant to your brand message and target audience.


*Help to grow social media presence through post creation, contests, and ads.


Partnership Development with Other Brands

*Connection to complementary businesses for cross-promotion and mutual growth.

Connection to Brands for Modeling Jobs

*Introduction to brands for potential modeling jobs.

*Updates on events


Connection to Agencies and Trainers

*Connections to trustworthy and successful agencies. 


*Introduction to runway coaches, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists.


Media Training

*Teach you how to speak clearly and concisely


*Develop responses to difficult questions 


*Make sure you’re never misquoted.

Market Research Assistance

*Perform surveys, focus groups, and other kinds of research


*Clearly define your target market in order to reach them more effectively.


Celebrity Collaborations

*Connection to celebrities that best match up with your brand's image, mission, and values.

Note: Clients, not Medeiros Fashion PR, are responsible for any paid endorsements.



May be purchased individually or in groups. No long-term contract required.

1. Social Media Audit: $500

*Provide a full list of suggested changes and improvements.


*Invite all followers to "Like" your Facebook business page.


*Perform a 7-day boosted post for both Facebook and Instagram.

*Included for no extra charge when you sign a Monthly contract!


2. Social Media Setup: $500 per account

*Determine your specific goals and preferences


*Create a page on the social media platform(s) of your choice. 


* Invite all of our followers to "Like" your Facebook business page to build momentum. 

3. Event Production:
$1,000 - $5000

*Grand opening, fashion show, sample sale, pop-up shop, trunk show, etc


*Finding venues, decorators, models, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, caterers, event hosts, and DJs. 

Note: Clients, not Medeiros Fashion PR, are responsible for vendor fees. 


4. Media/Press Kit Creation: $500

*Pre-packaged set of promotional materials and information about your brand for media distribution.


*Ensure an easy and accurate communication of vital brand information.

5. Press Release Creation and Distribution: $500

*Optimized for high search engine results by using keywords, phrases, and hyperlinks.


*Significantly increase website traffic.

6. Blog Writing: $100 per article (Up to 250 words)

*Add content to your website or blog using keywords, key phrases, and hyperlinks.

*Increased search engine ranking.


7. Feature Article for Trade Publications: $700 for up to 1,500 words

*A pre-written article written intended for publication.

8. Facebook Ads Campaign Creation and Execution: $750

*Laser-focused, cost-effective


*Get your brand in front of your EXACT target market.


"Getting to Know You"

*One "A La Carte" service.


*No long-term contract.


Monthly Changeable Rate: $300 Minimum

*Best for clients with a fluctuating budget.

*Number of hours requested by client x $150 (hourly rate).

*Minimum 2 hours per month.

*Minimum 1 year contract.

*ANY of our services may be included.

*Complete monthly status report.


*Optional weekly conference call.



Monthly Flat Rate:
$500 - $10,000

*Best for clients with a set budget.


*Rate = estimated number of hours needed to accomplish goals x $150 (hourly rate).


*Monthly rate is honored even if hours worked exceeds estimate.

*Minimum 1 year contract.

*ANY of our services may be included.

*Complete monthly status report.


*Optional weekly conference call.



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